Our Environmental Responsibility

As riders, we all have a duty to educate ourselves about the importance of looking after our environment.

Neige Aventure has been thinking about how to minimise its impact on the environment as much as possible ever since our doors first opened for business in Haute-Nendaz way back in 1989, long before global warming became a household term and before most companies started jumping on the “green initiative bandwagon”.

Neige Aventure has also pioneered the innovative “Your Life, Your Planet” concept, designed to teach children and adults alike about how to respect and care for the environment and the planet we live on.


  • Summer initiative to clean 4 valley ski slopes  from litter and cigarette butts
  • Changing our cookers from electricity to gas
  • Renovating our buildings taking environmental norms into account
  • Energy reduction audits

Key Result Areas:

  • Energy

We are committed to reducing our consumption of fuel and electricity through behavioral changes, retrofits and clean technologies. We have reduced our energy consumption by 15% and continue to implement energy efficiency projects across our operations.

  • Mountain Ecosystems

We encourage a respectful relationship between the experiences of our clients with the health of the mountain ecosystem. 

  • Waste

We are constantly implementing responsible purchasing, innovative waste solutions and reuse and recycle policies.

  • Awareness and Education

We believe that education about the environment is vitally important for the next generation. We actively encourage our team to be environmentally responsible on the mountain and in their daily lives and to pass the message on to our customers.

  • Social Involvement

We are active partners, ensuring open communication, cooperation and have positive impacts.