Secure payment

We accept the following online payment methods: Eurocard, Mastercard and Visa.


After verifying the order you will be lead to a page where you can enter your credit card details. We suggest that you have your card details (card company, name of the card owner, card number, date of validity and the safety code) on hand. As soon as you have fully entered this data, your order will continue being processed. 

100% Safe Payments

Your safety is our highest priority, and that is why we use great caution and the highest safety standards while dealing with your personal data. For safe transferring of customer data during the ordering process and especially credit card details, we use a secure transfer method – the “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) connection so you can securely and conveniently make payments.

They are made via Saferpay (through the Six Multipay AG company), a comprehensive internet payment platform. Six processes your personal data on our behalf in connection with your payment requests to us. Six uses your data for processing your payment order and will not make it accessible to any third parties other than the financial institutions responsible for the respective form of payment. The words «Six» or «Saferpay» may appear on your credit card statement or on your account statement in relation to the order you have made. With this method we can carry out your order without electronically transferring your credit card information.

An order is accepted by Neige Aventure/ once there has been payment confirmation by Saferpay (through Six Multipay AG). In the absence of payment confirmation, the order will be cancelled and all data and information will be lost when the purchaser leaves the web page on the Neige Aventure SA/ website.

The information of the purchaser transmitted to the processing center is subject to the protection and encoding under the responsibility of Saferpay (through Six Multipay AG). The transaction will be successful once the corresponding confirmation page of Saferpay (through Six Multipay AG) will be shown.

Safety Control

In some cases, we might implement a credit card check for safety. You will be informed by e-mail about this. In these cases we simply require a copy of the front and back side of your credit card (so that the number and card owners’ name are legible) as well as a copy of a current ID (Official ID, Passport or drivers license). You can send us the copies by mail or fax.
This process only needs to be carried out in rare cases, and is implemented for your safety, to make sure that no one else tries to shop with your credit card!

Mastercard Secure Code / Verified by VISA

This is a safety code activation by your credit card provider.
Here you can find all information about activating the code during payment, or how you can skip this step.

Payment by bank transfer or Reka cheques 

We offer you the possibility to pay by bank transfer or with Reka traveller’s cheques. For these payment methods, we will send you an invoice with our bank details by email and you can then definitively confirm the booking, or we will send the product once we have received payment.