Children Ski Levels

Getting it right first time helps us place your child in the right group, which is the most important thing for their enjoyment and improvement. And happy children means happy parents and more ski holidays in the future!

All Neige Aventure ski lessons are taught in your preferred language of French, English, Dutch, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian. 

Once you’ve determined the right level you can see what Kid's lessons we can offer. Or for teen riders (12-16yrs), see our Adult Ski Level guide and check out our new teen rider courses.

Neige Aventure Ski School has designed a special Rider Licence Programme (RLP) which has its own classification system for all skiing abilities for all ages. The International Level Comparison Chart will help you to find your child's level in comparison with other ski school systems.

There are 3 main levels in the RLP Ski Rider Discipline:

  •   Beginner: Green Class
  •   Intermediate/Advanced: Blue, Bronze, Red and Black Classes
  •   Expert: Energy Class

Each level has different ability subdivisions and you can check out the different abilities and specific exercises for each level below:


Green Level   

Designed for complete beginners. 

What we'll learn: Putting on and taking off skis unaided - Side stepping up hill - Straight runs in the fall line - Gliding in snow plough (wedge), braking and stopping - Changing direction - Snow-plough (wedge) turns - “Your Life, Your Planet”- THEME: Plants and Trees of the Alps 


Blue Level 

You can control their speed, turn in a snowplough confidently and know how to stop.

What we'll learn: Traversing on the downhill ski - Traversing with skis parallel - Stepping uphill using the “herring bone” - Agility exercises - Slaloming - Linked snowplough (wedge) turns - “Your Life, Your Planet” THEME: Ski Slopes and Litter



Bronze Level

For those who can ski with linked snowplough turns on blue slopes.

What we'll learn: Traversing on the uphill ski - Plough turn switch - Basic skate step - Descent on unprepared snow - Uphill parallel turns - Sideslipping in the fall line - “Your Life, Your Planet”- THEME: FIS Rules


Red Level

For those who can ski with plough parallel turns on all blue slopes but are also comfortable on some red slopes.

What we'll learn: Step turns starting from the fall line - Side slipping from the fall line moving forwards and backwards - Absorbing bumps (peaks and troughs) - Hockey Stopping - Traversing switch - Skidded parallel turn - “Your Life, Your Planet”- THEME: Know the 10 FIS Rules


Black Level

Those who can ski with parallel turns and are comfortable on all red and some black slopes.

What we'll learn: 360o spins on the piste - Extension movement on blue runs - Carved turns uphill - Turns on the outside ski - Step turns - Performance steered (skidded) parallel turns - “Your Life, Your Planet” - THEME: Orientation, Pistes and Mountain knowledge


Energy Levels

Designed for kids who can ski with carved turns, are comfortable on any type of slope, want to learn or improve their freestyle, freeride or race techniques, who know there’s always something new to learn, and a ready to push themselves to the limits!

What we'll learn: There are 4 technical elements that our specialist coaches focus on: Short turns - Long (carved) turns - Bumps (moguls) - Freestyle & Freeride. Click HERE to find out more...