International Snow Training Academy

Neige Aventure trained it's intructors and guides in partnership with ISTA to the avalanche risks and the different aspects of mountain safety. ISTA developed an initiation program and training destined to snow sports practitioners all around the world. Our program is entirely conceived in Switzerland by a team of professionals and international experts passionate about the mountains. The program provides the basic knowledge to allow everyone to safely and freely evolve with the pleasure of off-piste sports.

The safety, sharing of knowledge, respect, pleasure and community represent our values. ISTA believes the mountains are a free space where one can learn to listen and observe nature. By understanding them better, we can prevent avalanche risks linked to snow sports. ISTA training is also the opportunity to meet other snow enthusiasts and share a passion for snow sports all while increasing safety for you and your loved ones.

The educational method is accessible to all and made for everyone to evolve on an autonomous level across the different steps. It is a progressive and pragmatic training that combines theory and practice. The participant will keep the course support during practical exercises. Exams and questionnaires in throughout the various steps complete the program and allow each participant to evaluate their level of knowledge and adopt the right behaviour in the mountains. This training is based on a balance of entertainment and education. Learning while having fun! 

The ISTA concept is unique and innovative, it is based on 4 pillars:
1) A universal language for everyone
2) A certified progressive training
3) The HFSA® – Human Factor Self-Assessment® (a human factor self-assessment system)
4) The BDA® system

BEFORE: Gaining knowledge, knowing how to manage and prevent risks
DURING: Master and target fighting spirit during an avalanche
AFTER: Positively and successfully manage the crisis

The courses offer different complementary options :


Discovery is an initiation to the ISTA program. It takes place over one day and aims at introducing the fundamentals of practicing off-piste sports as well as the whole ISTA philosophy. It is aimed at any person practicing snow sports willing to acquire knowledge about preventing avalanche risks. The day consists of outdoor group activities, putting theoretical elements into practice. More info, here 


Snow Training 1 is the base course of ISTA training. Its objective is to increase practitioners’ pleasure and provide them the knowledge necessary to practice off-piste sports. Taught over 2 days, ST1 teaches to master the risk management process, procedures and analysis tools. Practitioners will understand the extensive knowledge necessary to these sports and their misconceptions of the field. They will learn and apply the fundamentals as well as study the base vocabulary along with its correct terminology. Placed in a trusted environment, they will discover the complexity of off-piste sports and be motivated to progress. More info here


Snow Training 2 is an improvement course allowing the off-piste practioner to autonomously evolve and actively participate in the development of the community. ST2 training can only be followed after having completed ST1. ST2 training will be available from winter 2016-2017.


Snow Training 3 is the most advanced training of the ISTA program. ST3 training can only be followed after having completed ST2. ST3 training will be available from winter 2016-2017.

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