Mountain safety

To ensure perfect safety during your trips, it is essential to have access to a wide range of moutain safety equipment, from guards to avalanche gear.

Neige Aventure provides all the items that you need with :

- Airbag backpack, for all your freeride and touring days, in order to minimize the risks after a big fall or an avalanche. Probe and shovel are included.

- Freeride backpack, with a shovel, a probe and a DVA, all the equipment necessary in case of an avalanche rescue and to ensure your own protection and those around you.

- DVA, the transceiver to locate people burried under the snow, a must have from the second you step outside the secured area.

- Wrist guard, to avoid any bad bruise during a fall, especially for snowboarders.

- Knee guard, for people with weaker knees, it brings you a support much appreciated,to enjoy your days on the mountain.

- Back protector, essencially for freeriders and freestylers.

- Helmet, a must have for the whole family.