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Testimonials from some of our former OTM Pro Trainees:

Why BASI Gap Course?

  • I live in Sydney Australia and hear about the BASI system. It was a great thing to do to set me up for a career as a ski instructor. BASI 1 & 2 definitely fitted what I wanted to do. (Sam Hunt)

Training with OnTheMountain Pro

  • The training was excellent as we had regular technical input from 4 of the top full-cert instructors in the ski school. (Charlie M)
  • It made for a very rewarding experience, developing various life skills and providing expert support & encouragement heading into the BASI teaching examinations. (Sam Hunt)
  • The BASI course itself was a great experience, with superb training. The weeks of shadowing were also invaluable, as I was able to join various ski instructors and see exactly what goes on during lessons - the good and the bad! Ongoing training is also provided during this time, from a BASI qualified instructor who also acts as a kind of mentor. This was great because I had a main point reference and support. (Lucy O)

Working at Neige Aventure…

  • I enjoyed the sense of being included as part of the team in the ski school. (Charlie M)
  • The shadowing was also very beneficial as we could observe and participate in classes of all levels form very young kids to high end adult classes and we were even given the opportunity to teach for a little while during some of the lessons. (Charlie M)
  • The school has featured on Swiss television and newspapers because of its innovative approach to teaching. (Chris V)
  • Especially for the BASI exams, it is really great to get the expereicne to work in a natural environment where you’re really teaching beginners. You get a good experience with highly qualified instructors that have been through the same process. You get a different view of different types of people you can teach and what’s involved and a really good taste for what it’s like being a skiing a instructor. (Sam H.)

Why Nendaz?

  • You may not have heard of Nendaz. The neighbouring resort of Verbier is a more familiar destination for UK tourists but in fact all the best skiing in the 4 Valleys is in the Nendaz commune so Nendaz actually has some of the best skiing on and off piste in Europe. It’s awesome and it’s much less crowded than the Verbier area so it doesn’t get tracked out in a morning. Nendaz itself is a smallish resort which means you will become a part of the community quickly and get invited to everything so you end up really feeling you belong. Neige Aventure is a very international ski school with instructors from Europe, Latin America and Australia. (Chris V)
  • The social life was really good and I particularly enjoyed the many party nights in the Cactus Bar and the Sunday night jam session at the Canadian Bar. Nendaz was a great place to do the course as it had a very relaxed and open atmosphere. It was very easy to get to know people and to be involved in whatever was going on. Everything was centrally located including our accommodation and the restaurant where we ate every night which made life very easy. (Charlie M)
  • The best part though was the skiing with plenty of snow and sunshine and easy access to a wide variety of high quality terrain that made it perfect for training. All in all I had a great time. (Charlie M)
  • I chose Nendaz because I  was attracted by the opportunity to improve my French and by the possibility of finding work with Neige Aventure. I wasn’t disappointed as Nendaz is a small resort where it’s easy to get to know people, but with access to the vast 4 Vallées ski area. (Lucy O)
  • The accommodation was really nice, as were the meals provided at the Cantina restaurant every night. Below the restaurant is the Cactus bar, where most of the social life takes place, so we were always in the right place to enjoy a few drinks after a long day on the slopes. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the course in Nendaz, even if it’s just to improve your skiing, meet new people and enjoy new experiences. (Lucy O)

Career at Neige Aventure?

  • I did my gap course here in 2012 and have worked at Neige Aventure each season since then. 3 people from my course have been working here in Nendaz with me since then. Can’t think of a better recommendation. (Chris V)