In Nendaz, you will find everything you need with summer and winter clothing, equipment and accessories.

With three seperate stores, really close to eachother, within a couple minutes, we can sort you out with the best offers and most famous and durable brands on the market at the moment.


OnTheMountain - Equipment, Rental and accessories

The latest Ski and Snowboard equipment, from downhill to freeride, freestyle and touring. 

The new generation of E-Mountain Bikes and VTTs.

All the safety equipment you need, from DVAs to Airbags.

And of course, cameras, goggles, helmets, poles...


NA Technical Outerwear and accessories

All the Outerwear you need from the really technical to the more casual products.

Gloves, beanies, first and second layers...

Cameras and goggles...


NA Outlet - Sales & Good Deals

Outdated outerwear and accessories on sales with big discounts !

Same with ski and snowboard boots, some from last year only !